Canceled – November’s Meeting

November Graphic

Join Us at 5:30 pm December 13, 2018 when we discuss

Predictive Policing Using A.I. Power of Analytics 

Presented by Ben Parker of Guavus

The meeting will be held at 5370 Kietzke Lane, Suite 201, Reno, NV 89511

Please RSVP to by November 5th

As video surveillance becomes truly ubiquitous we have an opportunity to make our communities even more safe.  Many of us have cameras in our homes and even our doorbells now have cameras.  Every business has cameras and many cities are monitored with them.  The challenge today is that most of these cameras rely on people to determine what is happening.  Soon, we will use AI to watch these videos and to identify threats.  Whether that threat is a person who is angry and behaving maliciously, or a car casing a neighborhood.  Analytics will be able to identify these behaviors and alert authorities before a crime is committed.  The implications for this are incredible!  It will change the way police protect us, it will empower the officers on patrol to identify known assailants returning to an area where they previously committed crimes, and so much more.  From a social perspective, does this technology reduce the stereotypical biasing in policing?  Does this create a big brother situation that reduces our right to privacy?   Is the benefit worth the risk?

About the Speaker:
Ben Parker is responsible for Guavus’ strategy & expansion into new markets, including Internet of Things (IoT) industry verticals. Prior to his tenure at Guavus he was the Director of Network Planning with Verizon, where he led a team responsible for long-term network planning for the Verizon Wireless network. His major projects include the development of Network Analytics, Elastic Cloud Networking, next-generation routing and switching architectures, and NAT solutions to address IPv4 completion. Mr. Parker and his team were also responsible for developing the designs for the Content Management and Distribution System, Fiber to the Cell Site, Ethernet Backhaul, Wireless IPv6, and transitioning the TDM MSCs and peering points to VoIP. In 1997, Benjamin joined Sprint and began his career as a Network Systems Specialist. He quickly earned promotions to more visible positions, which include Test Engineer, Principal Network Design Engineer, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, and Sr. Manager of Technical Staff. Following his tenure at Sprint he held the position of Vice President of Engineering at Oakley Networks. In addition to Mr. Parker’s extensive professional experience, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Nevada at Reno and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Benedictine College. His post-graduate training includes Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications from UC Berkeley, and Project Management from George Washington University. Additionally he has authored or contributed to 75 patents all in the area of telecommunications.  

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