May Chapter Meeting

The Converging Disciplines of the Information Profession with Guest Speaker, Nick Inglis

Information Governance is the connective tissue that works within our organizations to align all organizational information. It is daunting, but what it has meant as it has taken root in successful organizations is that previously disparate disciplines are now cross-pollinating in new and exciting ways. As more organizations learn from Information Governance precepts, new ways of working together are beginning to emerge. Sierra Nevada ARMA is pleased to welcome guest speaker, Nick Inglis, Director of Information Governance at IPRO to guide us through this complex and growing field.

About the Speaker:

Nick Inglis is both the Director of Information Governance at IPRO and Host of The Strategy of Information (available on Inglis was formerly Executive Director, Content & Programming at ARMA International (through the acquisition of the Information Coalition and Information Governance Conference, where Inglis served as President). Before Co-Founding and leading the Information Coalition, Mr. Inglis served as the Director of Professional Development at AIIM and was an Assistant Vice President at Bank of America.

Inglis is also the author of ‘INFORMATION: The Comprehensive Overview of the Information Profession.’ His writing has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, The Providence Journal, Yahoo! Finance, CMSWire, and others. When not adding to his collection of certificates and certifications (CIP, IGP, INFO, ERMm, SharePointm, BPMm, E2.0m, ECMm, IMCP), he is likely spending time with his son, Conor Atom.

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