Next Meeting Agenda

Chapter Meeting Agenda

July 11, 2019

Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records
100 N. Stewart St., Carson City

Lower Level Conference Room

  • Approve minutes of the July 11, 2019 meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report 7/31/19
    • Follow-up on Austin’s House
  • Information Media Specialist report
  • Finalize and Vote on Projected Budget
  • Finalize and Vote on Speakers and Meeting Locations
  • Discuss and Vote on which events Chapter wants to participate
  • Discuss and Vote on Leadership updates to ARMA International and Leadership Certificates
  • Discuss and Vote if Chapter will sponsor any meetings
  • Vote on 2nd Administrator for LinkedIn
    • Suggestion from July meeting: Shawnyne Garren
  • Website Review – Board Resources
  • 2019 Nevada E-Records Forum Update
  • Finalize September date and speaker details
  • Discuss and vote on September member spotlight
    • Suggestion – Brandy Ellison
    • Vote on Member spotlight form and publish date
  • Reminders: Update all media sites with calendars of speakers and locations; first meeting date, time, location, event; send Welcome to New Year email
  • Discuss Chapter Catch Phrase for marketing
  • Discuss PayPal and Bank Accounts


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